Software Design

• Supply complete software designs for mobile, tablet, desktop, web and enterprise platforms
• Supply bespoke interactives for film screen graphics, museums, galleries and kiosks
• Create requirements for software designs, provide heuristic analysis on existing software
• Process design - user stories, user journeys, use cases, walk-throughs and workflows through the product
• Information Architecture - conceptual maps, hierarchical design and 'chunking' of the software's content
• Interaction design - 'wireframes' mapping all of the mechanisms and interactions in the product
• Prototypes - creation of functional demonstrations of key features as a 'proof-of-concept'
• Visual Design of all graphics and animation to give skin, flesh, character and identity to the software
• Experience architecture - verbal, linguistic, visual, kinesthetic, auditory and symbolic detailing
• User-centric solutions - integration of ergonomics, Human Factors and decades of usability experience


• Functional specification, prototyping and programming of the final application
• iPhone and iPad apps
• Mac OSX (.app) apps
• Objective C, Cocoa, and Swift programming

Visual, Video and Audio Design

• Visual design
• Motion Graphics and animation
• Video and sound editing

Film and Television Graphics

• Screen graphics for the Art Department or Set Decoration
• Motion graphics and animation
• Interactive programming for actors on-set and operators off-set
• On-set operation
• Work off-site, in own facility; or on-site integrated with the appropriate film production department

App Development Partnerships

• Partner with Human Media to develop your apps
• Royalty split based on agreed value of development work, content and intellectual property

Software Development Resources

• For large independent projects, Human Media can be contracted to provide all of the services above
• Work remotely anywhere in the world, or on-site integrating with your team
• Utilize our extensive product design experience and world-class standards of quality